LVT Flooring Production Line (Online Lamination)

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The traditional LVT floor has complex production process, high energy consumption, long labor time, and is not conducive to environmental protection.

Our company has developed a new high-efficiency extrusion line based on the latest vinyl floor extrusion technology, which can realize extrusion of base layer and online laminated with color film and wear layer, all is processed in one time. Our LVT Flooring Production Line has high output, simple manufacturing process and high automation.

Thickness range: 1-2.5mm
Width range(before Slitting): 600-1300mm
Output capacity: 400kg/hr, 700kg/hr, 1500kg/hr

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LVT floor is a high-quality, high-tech research out of the new ground material, using refined PVC and stone powder to form a high-density solid base, covered with realistic patterns of the printing layer, the surface with a very strong wear-resistant PVC transparent layer cover, the bottom with anti slip film, processed by a number of processes, in addition to the surface layer after UV coating, aluminum oxide coating Bactericidal coating treatment, so that the product has vivid and beautiful lines, elastic, comfortable walking and sound absorption performance, high wear resistance, easy to clean, low maintenance, fast and simple construction and other advantages.

Advantages of LVT floor extrusion line in production of LVT floor

1. The main raw materials used in LVT floor are polyethylene plastic and selected non radioactive stone powder. PVC is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion bags, etc. in the production process, the ingredients added are completely non-toxic and non radioactive. So LVT floor is a real environmental protection green floor.

2. Environmentally friendly recycled LVT floor is one of the few ground materials that can be recycled and reused. In particular, glue free LVT floor can be recycled as a whole in a few years. It is of great significance to continue to produce LVT substrate for the protection of our earth resources and ecological environment.

3. The ultra light and ultra-thin LVT floor is only 4-5mm thick and weighs only 8-11kg per square meter, which is less than 20% of ordinary stone floor materials. It has incomparable advantages in high-rise buildings for building load-bearing and space saving.

4. The surface of wear-resistant and scratch resistant LVT floor has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology. In addition, the surface is coated with more wear-resistant coating, and its wear-resistant revolution number can reach 20000. Because of the super wear resistance, LVT floor is more and more popular in crowded places, shopping malls and supermarkets.

LVT floor extrusion production line solves the problems of cold, hard, gray, damp and noisy concrete floor. This product is made of nonflammable plastic and is not easy to cause fire. Moreover, the base materials of the six series of products are reinforced glass fiber mats with shrinkage less than one thousandth, and the wear-resistant layer on the surface is specially formulated. Therefore, its stretch performance, anti curling performance, anti shrinkage performance, waterproof and anti mildew performance, wear resistance, etc. are compared with the existing cheap floors with non-woven fabrics, paper or recycled plastics as the base materials and non wear resistance on the surface, The quality and performance are much better. Over the years, Jiahao products have been all over the country, and exported to Russia, Spain, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Japan, Germany, South America and other countries and regions, well received by customers. Jiahao has a mature team integrating management, R & D, design, manufacturing, commissioning and operation, which can provide high-efficiency and high-quality services in the whole process of preliminary feasibility study, scheme demonstration, scheme design, equipment commissioning and acceptance, equipment operation training, etc.

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