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PC  solid sheet is also called PC endurance board (also known as Cablon endurance board, polycarbonate solid board, PC bulletproof glass, PC solid board, polycarbonate board) is made of high-performance engineering plastics-polycarbonate (PC) processing Become. The endurance plate is pressed into a wave shape to become a solid endurance tile. In 2018, the technological innovation technology allows the pc endurance board to add reinforced resin to prevent the endurance board from thermal expansion and contraction cracking

The characteristics of the pc endurance board:   impact resistance, impact resistance, unbreakable: the strength exceeds the strengthening
Hundreds of times the glass and acrylic sheets are tough, safe, anti-theft, and bulletproof.
Can be round arched and bendable: Good workability, strong plasticity, and can be bent into arches, semicircles, etc. according to the actual needs of the construction site.

JIAHAO has got professional team to improve equipment of PC sheet , can provide excellent performace machine for PC SOLID SHEET  ,  PC HOLLOW SHEET , PC WAVE SHEET , PC GLAZED SHEET

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    ▷ three dimensional operation

    The production line equipment consists of three parts

    ➀ function host: equipment for each station to complete function action.

    Such as: side mold positioning machine, end mold homing machine, automatic weighing and feeding machine and other 12 kinds of equipment;

    ➁ operation host: equipment providing operation power and operation action for the whole line.

    Such as: shift machine, push machine, homing machine, lifting platform and other 10 kinds of equipment;

    ➂ molding host: prefabricated parts molding equipment. Including several standard self positioning die sets.

    ▷ process flow of the production line

    Workshop area: 120 × 15

    The forming die stage is on the working channel of the ground station to complete the preset forming process actions of various functions; Then enter the underground maintenance channel for controllable maintenance; After the completion of maintenance according to the plan, it is lifted to the ground and recycled after the qualified parts are extracted.

    ▷ intensive layout

    All the equipments on the production line adopt the intensive modular design, so it has the advantages of high standardization, convenient installation and maintenance, wide upgrade compatibility, and the function modules in the original traditional PC production line can also be selected and applied.

    ▷ simple operation and high efficiency;

    ▷ automatic assembly, disassembly and transportation of side die and end die are realized;

    ▷ underground maintenance

    High heat preservation, energy saving and environmental protection are ensured;

    ▷ the comprehensive investment cost of the new production line is greatly reduced

    Such as: land cost; Cost of capital construction; Cost of equipment; Labor cost; ➄ operating cost; Environmental cost; Management cost.

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